Posted on 2nd February 2021

Healing hands for oncology patients

At Mirabella Beauty Salon, one of the things we pride ourselves on is knowing that our clients will leave the salon feeling refreshed, nurtured and spoiled. Our Chelmsford salon is an oasis of calm where our clients can relax, take a breather and have a moment for themselves.

That feeling of rejuvenation becomes even more important when our clients are battling illnesses such as cancer. Massage is proven to have great healing benefits for those going through the trauma of cancer and we’re proud to announce that we now have specific massage treatment for oncology patients.

The power of touch is amazing

Founder Valerie Edwards-Smith shares:

“After my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer, one of the side-effects of the operation was that she started to have problems with sleep. She also suffered with anxiety and was in pain from the tightness caused by her surgery, which was not just in one area but had spread to a wider area of her body.

As a masseuse, I would gently massage her hands, feet and head, and I started to notice that it was helping my mum relax whilst reducing her anxiety and pain.

After losing my mum, I decided to explore oncology massage further and have recently completed a course to improve my skills and to help future clients. I know how powerful touch can be, how it helped my mum during her illness, and I want to provide others with this service and help too.

Oncology massages are designed to be different from a standard massage. The pressure I use during your massage is much lighter than the pressure you may be used to with past massages. I take the time and effort to understand your particular symptoms and will treat you with the gentleness, empathy and care you deserve.”

The benefits of massage for oncology patients

Cancer patients go through many treatments depending on their diagnosis and this can lead to extreme side effects such as lack of sleep, chronic pain and stress.
Having a massage during and after treatments can:

Help you relax which, in turn, reduces stress and anxiety Decrease pain levels
Increase energy and sleep levels
Reduce anxiety around sleep deprivation

Re-establish a positive body image Reduce shortness of breath

Whilst massage helps you to relax, it will also lead to practising breathing techniques which has many benefits in itself. Fear and anxiety often accompany shortness of breath but by focusing on breathing techniques, you can help to reduce your symptoms.

A tailored treatment plan

Mirabella Beauty Salon has many massage treatments to benefit our clients depending on your needs but if you have recently been diagnosed with cancer or have symptoms from your treatment plan, these massages have been designed specifically for you.

Each client’s needs are individual and through a consultation with Mirabella Salon, we will discuss in confidence, what stage you are at with your treatment plan.

During your first session, we will work out a massage treatment plan with the aim of finding your ‘new normal.’

In some cases, we may need to contact your oncologist for medical information but we will agree that with you prior to contacting them.

If you are unsure if an oncology massage is for you right now or would like to know how a massage will benefit you directly, please get in touch with us so we can have a confidential chat, call us on 01245 348488 or email


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