Benefits Of A Monthly Massage

Go From Frazzled To Fabulous With A Monthly Massage At Mirabella Beauty Salon In Chelmsford!

If you feel like stress is constantly swirling, like a fog that barely lifts, creeping into all areas of our life, then it may be time to treat yourself to a monthly massage at Mirabella Beauty Salon in Chelmsford.

How does stress affect you?  Here’s how some of our clients are feeling before they crash on our comfy, heated massage couches.

Tired and drained.    Dizzy, light-headed.    Tension headaches.    Upset stomachs.    Generally fed up.     Aches and pains.    Tech neck.

What is tech neck?  It's caused by sitting on a chair that is not designed for computer work.  Backs, legs, necks – the wrong chair, at the wrong height, especially for any length of time, can cause any number of muscular and skeletal niggles.  Sitting cross-legged on the floor, the bed, the sofa with a tablet or laptop! Constantly looking down at your mobile phone.

We love nothing more than getting to grips with those knots in your shoulders and easing that aching back.  Our job is done when you rouse yourself, sleepy-eyed, from the massage couch, relaxed and floating.  De-stressed and relaxed.

That’s just for starters.

The Benefits Of Monthly Massage At Top Chelmsford Beauty Salon

Regular massage can have long-lasting, far-reaching benefits for more than aches and pains.

1. Aches, pains, and injury
It’s all too easy to try and combat ongoing pain by continually swallowing pain relief like its going out of fashion.  But we all know that it’s just not good for us, long term.  As massage therapists, we gently target areas of concern to increase blood circulation and soothe away stiff muscles.

Athletes and sportspeople that sustain injury are treated to regular massage to allow flexibility and healing as part of the recovery process.

2. Stress
We started with stress, fully aware, as we said, about just how much people are being affected right now.

It’s not down to luck or coincidence that our clients step out the door with a wonderful feeling of contentment and relaxation after a massage.  As we massage, we increase the body temperature which brings about a state of relaxation.  As you relax, your heart rate slows down along with your stress levels.

Next time you rush through our door feeling fraught and leave in a state of calm…you know why!

3. Coughs, Colds, and every Sly Bug around.
When we are tired and feeling below par, it seems that we pick up every infection that is doing the rounds.  Now, more than ever, we need our immune levels to be working at full strength.  We make no apologies for mention stress again, but lower immune levels are a side effect of stress.  However, you do it, massage and a healthy diet with supplements if necessary, keep those all-important immune levels fighting fit.

4. Posture and Technology
Where would we be without progress and technology?

Perhaps we need a gentle reminder that we are human and not robots or machines.

Robots are made of who knows what, but one thing is for sure, they don’t suffer emotional and physical pain as do we mere mortals.

We are meant to be flexible, to move, to stretch…not to sit in awkward positions, or be constantly focusing on artificial light on a screen.  Even if it is a big screen!

Your body won’t thank you for it and your eyes certainly won’t.  (Hello, more headaches).

No matter how much we tell ourselves to move after 20 minutes, do we?  Or do we get lost in what we are doing, forgetting that we are doing ourselves harm?  Accepting that this is life as we know it?

It doesn’t have to be.

Life is about making healthy choices.
Food, drink, exercise – we hear so much about the part they play in keeping you healthy.

 At Mirabella Beauty, we see clients every single day that have lost sight of how to switch off and relax and the effects it has on their health and well being.

Our relaxing treatment rooms WILL open their doors and our massage couches WILL be ready and waiting for you, to gently ease away strain and pain.

As well as using our hands to transport you from Frazzled to Fabulous, we use a natural  Liquiwax made in Somerset by a company called Songbird.  It is made from 100% natural ingredients, with vegan alternatives, designed and produced to give you the most luxurious relaxing massage experience.

Sound fab?  We think so.