Teenage Skin Problems

The Best Treatments For Teenage Skin - Advice From The Beauty Experts At Mirabella Salon In Chelmsford

We know life can be tough for teenagers. School and college come with their own set of challenges and when you add in the swirling mass of hormones, things can sometimes be a bit overwhelming for them.  

That stress can have an impact on their skin but the summer holiday is the perfect time to chill out and put in place a skincare routine that will stand them in good stead for years to come.  

Many adolescents have problem skin thanks to hormonal changes during puberty, and it can leave them feeling a little low. Give their confidence a boost with a teenage facial from our Dermalogica range, which cleans out impurities and is a great first step toward clearer skin.  

For more problematic issues such as acne, why not add LED light therapy to your facial for just £30? It attacks and destroys the bacteria that cause acne and reduces inflammation in the blemish, speeding up the healing process. 

Our therapists will also offer advice on setting up a regular routine to help your teenager get clearer, healthier looking skin, as well as recommending our Clear Start range that they can continue to use at home and keep that smoother, brighter, hydrated skin. 

It’s suitable for anyone suffering from breakouts, congestion, oily, sensitive or dehydrated skin, and make sure to use a daily moisturiser containing SPF all year round! 

If you want to treat your teenager to a skin overhaul this summer, get your hands on our very own Mirabella Teen Skin Care Kit*, which contains the following full-size goodies:  

Breakout Clearing Wash 

Micro-Pore Mist (great for cooling the face in the summer sunshine) 

Clearing Defense SPF30 

and samples of:  

Breakout Clearing Booster 

Cooling Aqua Jelly 

Facial Sponges 

Dermalogica Branded Toiletries Bag 

£5 Gift Voucher for Teen Facial 

All for £55 worth over £70 

*Available while stocks last.

How’s that for a summer blockbuster? Book your appointment here, call us on 01245 348488 or email info@mirabellabeautysalon.co.uk.