Winter Skincare Advice

Winter Skin Rescue Remedies From Mirabella Beauty Salon In Chelmsford

Mirror mirror on the wall - I don’t like my dull winter skin at all!  And there we have it.  With winter fast approaching, your skin will soon be in need of some extra tender loving care.  

Don’t worry, we have your skincare concerns well and truly covered at Mirabella Beauty Salon in Chelmsford. 

What are you seeing in that traitorous mirror?  Is your skin tone uneven and verging on the side of sallow?  Do you have some rough skin patches? Does your skin feel dry and flaky? We hear you.

But hang on!  Dull winter skin is about more than the weather, right?  You bet!  Check out some of these areas which zap your skin of hydration.

Freezing conditions, biting cold, sleet, snow – yep, glowing skin zappers!
Hot-air heating, in the car, office – super dehydrators!
Real fires – ambient but watch you don’t toast by getting too close.
All around pollution.
UV rays – even without sunshine!
Caffeine – tea, coffee, and fizzy mixers!
Smoking – Need we say more?

5 Tips To Get Glowing Skin

 1. Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate.

Now, much as we get carried away with our passion for the power of exfoliation, we don’t want you to get carried away with over-exfoliating.

Please do take our word for it; super-duper glowing skin requires regular, gentle exfoliation. It doesn’t matter what moisturiser, serum, facial oil, primer, or luminous foundation etc…that you use, unless your skin surface is as smooth as can be, you will simply be layering products on top of the debris. And that does not make for that luminous look that you are lusting after.

We will also throw into the mix that as skin ages, it takes longer to renew itself. So, we need to give it a helping hand.

Val recommends: Exfoliate at least once a week to get rid of the dead layer of skin cells and unveil that healthy complexion. Be sure to choose an exfoliator according to your skin type. If you are not sure, we offer complimentary online skin consultation.

2. Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise.

Ah, the power of 3 little words.

And once again, you can tell that we say regular moisturising is as important as sleep!

We are going to make no apologies for suggesting that dull skin will benefit from consistent care and a good quality skincare routine.

Have you ever stopped to think you stop to think how much you spend on clothes to cover your body…we say an investment in a good skincare routine, tailored to your needs, is worth every penny!

After using a gentle cleanser (cream or foaming), (are you a Double Cleanse Diva? We hope so), follow up with a toner to prepare your skin for hydration.

Then, apply, in an upwards, sweeping motion, your skin’s Best Friend Forever – a moisturiser or night cream. Again, according to your skin type.

Beauty tip from Val: If using a foaming cleanser, avoid using hot water as it will further aggravate and dehydrate your skin.

3. Drink, Drink, Drink.

We promise not to use words in triplicate for the next tip, but these are just so important to have healthy skin (all-round health come to that), we do get carried away!

Drink? Yes, and you know what’s coming, don’t you!  Water. Pure and Simple. Keep drinking it.  If you really don’t like plain old, thirst-quenching, ultra-hydrating water, put some zing in it.

You might want to keep a count of how many glasses you drink? And even set yourself a Drink More Water Challenge! Go on, we dare you!

Val suggests that as well as increasing your water intake you might want to cut your caffeine down. And er, perhaps cut out the odd glass of wine too!

4. Use The Correct Skin Products For Your Skin Type.

This is every bit as important as the first 3 tips. We just didn’t want to type this out 3 times!

We suspect that you wouldn’t wash your favourite cashmere jumper in bleach? Or any jumpers or clothes, come to that!

Quite simply, it is incredibly important to ensure that you use the right products to look after your skin according to its type. Which will change with the seasons and location. (Think being on holiday in the humidity for several weeks and how that changes things)

Otherwise, you may find yourself doing more harm than good. The wrong products can cause inflammation, increased sensitivity, stinging and itching.  Which leads us on to our fifth and final tip.

5. Invest In Professional Skin Treatments

Have you ever had problems with your car running sluggishly, and realised it is long overdue a proper service?  Like most things in life, proper care, and attention pays dividends to performance and in the case of your skin, the look, the feel, the texture, and ongoing health.  Think of a visit to a skin professional, (or, Skin Aficionado as we call Val), as giving your skin the service that it deserves.

Let’s get you glowing again!