Dermalogica Facial Treatments including Dermaplaning

Our Dermalogica prescriptive facials, can treat a number of skin concerns.  We start with a double cleanse and Face Mapping. Our 60 minute facial is followed by a comprehensive customised experience to address your skin concerns, while promoting calm and relaxation with our touch therapy face massage. When time is limited try our 45 minute facial to target your top skin concern. We finish our facials by layering moisturising products to give you healthier looking Skin.

Ageing Skin

Are you concerned with ageing skin? As we age our skin can become wrinkled, loss of elasticity, age spots (pigmentation), coarse, leathery, rough and dry, caused by sun damage, free radicals, life style, stress or smoking.  Try our Age Smart facial resurfacing and exfoliating to increase cell renewal making the skin smoother, softer and regenerated.

Ultra Calming

Do you have sensitive, dry, flaky, rosacea or tight skin, lacking  in moisture? There are a number of factors that can cause the skin to become sensitive and inflamed e.g. products, environment, pollution, medication, dehydration or stress.  Our Ultra Calming facial will sooth, cool and rebalance your skin making it smoother and brighter.

Adult Acne/Breakouts

Do you suffer from adult acne or breakouts? Often this is caused by hormone levels changing, congested, oily, combination skin, diet or stress. Our therapist will remove impurities through a deep cleanse and exfoliation along with customised products to target your problem skin.

Daily Skin Health

In need of some me time? We all deserve pampering from time to time. Our therapist will start with a double cleanse and Face Mapping before going onto customise your treatment with product suitable for your skin type.  Then finishing with layering and moisturising products. You leave with smoother, glowing rejuvenated skin.

Teenage Facial

Teenage skin concerns? Our Clear Start range is suitable for male and female’s suffering with breakouts, congestion, oily, sensitive or dehydrated skin. Many adolescents have problem skin due to hormonal changes during puberty. Having a good routine is a good start to clearer skin.

Our therapist will recommend products that you can continue to use at home in order to achieve smoother, brighter, hydrated skin. Be sure to use a daily moisturiser containing SPF all year round!


This is a manual exfoliation treatment using a scalpel to remove the dead skin cells and helps to unclog pores.  It instantly reveals brighter and more youthful looking skin and facial products will be absorbed more easily.  Your skin will have a much smoother texture allowing your makeup to glide on and sit smoothly on the skin.  It removes vellus hair (peachy fuzz), leaving your skin baby soft.

60 Minute Facial£56£58£60
45 Minute Facial£41£43£45
30 Minute Teenage Facial£28£30£32
50 Minute Dermaplaning£55


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