The Importance Of Winter Massage

4 Benefits Of Regular Winter Massages At Mirabella Beauty Salon In Chelmsford

Massage is important in keeping you healthy, flexible and relaxed all year round, but a massage can be especially helpful in the winter months. Our expert massage therapists at Mirabella Beauty Salon have picked our top 4 reasons to get a massage this Winter as the nights are getting longer and colder!

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Improves Your Mood

The Winter Blues can be a real thing, and massage can be the perfect boost to serotonin levels in your body, Limited Vitamin D, shorter days, longer nights and colder weather can increase the chances of feeling low. Massage has been proven to reduce stress and aid with feelings of anxiety and depression.

Helps With Joint Pain

If you are finding it more difficult to get up, feeling more stiffness and pain in your joints a brilliant way to reduce discomfort can be with a massage. Our expert beauty therapists are always on hand to advise the best type of massage which could aid your specific problem, so we suggest giving us a call to find out which of the many types of massage will be best for you.

Fights Colds & Flu

Massage really does help to keep you healthier, in more ways than just helping with your joint pain. Massage increases lymph flow which boosts your immune system by fighting off infections and bacteria! A massage could be the perfect way to make sure you stay clear from colds this winter season.

Keeps Your Skin Hydrated

Moving from heated rooms to the cold outside can seriously make your skin dry. Massage assists with the collagen production in the skin, which can keep your skin hydrated and stop any cracking. 

As well, we use only the best products at Mirabella Beauty Salon during our massages to make sure you have the best experience and to ensure that your skin is soft and hydrated after your massage. 

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